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Birthdate:Jan 9
Location:Scarborough, ON, Canada
Website:The Unofficial Trews Fans Network
Happily married almost 21 years, mom of one boy/step-mom to one girl/step-grandma of one girl, and I have embraced my inner geek-girl. Not pocket-protector geek but sci-fi/fantasy/music/internet fandom geek. Yes, that's right, I'm a geek. I love my shows, my books, my movies, my bands, traveling for geeky purposes, collecting, the whole nine yards. If you don't approve of any of this it's your problem, quite frankly, 'cause I'm way too old to care anymore.

This journal is predominantly friends-only; I don't post here enough anymore to take on many new friends. However, if you see something in my profile here that REALLY makes you want to friend me, please comment in the public post that's available and we can go from there. Fair warning, though: my very-most favourite thing ever is a rock band from Canada called The Trews. I talk about them A LOT. If that doesn't interest you, please don't bother requesting to be friends with me; you'll only get frustrated and leave after awhile anyway. :D

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angel, bleeker, buffy, everything by john varley, firefly, hanging out with my family, playing on the internet, reading, red wanting blue, running the unofficial trews fans network, stargate sg-1, stephen king, supernatural, the paranormal, the trews, the wheel of time series, traveling in general, traveling to see my favourite bands, x-files
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